Walls, Fences, and Barriers

Friday, January 18, 2019

WALLS, Fences and Barriers

Um, read this before… yep, since 1994
I’m getting a little tired of all the border wall and illegal immigrants/emigration rhetoric.
So I’m putting in my two bits.
Remember folks. No matter where you stand on the border wall or illegal immigration, you have to remember a keyword.
That word is “illegal”.
Many other countries have barriers, but more important, they also have “laws, rules, requirements, to “legally” enter their country.
What is wrong with wanting to have people enter a country through the proper and legal channels?
Let me know when you have that answer.
Regardless where you stand. If you do a little research then you would find out stuff like,
America has pretty much had some form of border barrier since 1994.
(Side note) –> This doesn’t make Any person a racist or prejudiced at all.
It just isn’t. (I really don’t have an opinion about the wall/barrier because I really don’t know the first thing about leading a country let alone how to artfully protect it! So, that’s why I trust God first, and then, I guess the leaders of our country 😊)
Where we stand on anything that concerns this country, whether it’s border security or education, (man we could use some real supporters of educating our children), doesn’t make a person anything.
It simply means that two or more people do not agree on a particular issue or issues concerning America on whatever subject or topic at hand.
America has leaders that we the people have voted into whatever position of government leadership it is.
I’m talking about the folks on Capitol Hill that pass all them bills, (yes, like the cartoon song 😂😊)
We are to support our leaders no matter who they are, or how they decide to run this great country. (to a point of course) They are the ones who aren’t supposed to act like children, they are supposed to be our LEADERS, for the people’s best interest and short of treason or tyranny, then the people should at least be respectful to a president, senators, representatives. ..our government.
Between the media and politicians, well, they have divided the American people and now we see terrible arguments and railing, name calling, and basically child like performances.
What happened to the “United” in United States of America?
Because it seems, whether it’s a , border wall/fence/barrier…security or taxes, or constitutional rights and so forth, it does not matter the subject and while I certainly am no expert by any means, but I am pretty sure of this, our past American government leaders,… our past leaders.., of America.., most certainly did not agree on everything and a great country was still made and built.
Folks this world isn’t getting rid of “bad guys” any time soon.
So when it comes to securing our country from bad people, whether a terrorist, or drug smugglers, human trafficking and who knows what else, I guess a wall, new or improvements on existing “fences”, sounds like a good idea if at the very least it will diminish these lawless people from carrying out whatever plans they may have.
Besides that, I would have a hard time believing that EVERY person entering this country, illegally, plans on being a law abiding citizen.
I believe this wall thing is for the betterment of America and improving the safety of our citizens then I say, do it. If it helps keep drugs alone out, or at least decrease the amounts, then I definitely say that alone is reason to have or improve border security with a wall or whatever you are calling it.
Remember, miles and miles already exist, so lighten up.
God bless America folks.

Everything or Nothing

Wanted to share my notes for Colossians study I did awhile back.

Great book. These notes come from reading the study guide and personal application. I have included “personal application ” from the study guide below.

My note:

We see this pluralism and syncretism today. This diluting of truth for the uniting of different religions is indeed a terrible idea and the children of God should know better.

Self-fulfillment and freedom without surrender is sacrilegious.

It isn’t loving at all to condone, or approve of religious belief that doesn’t put it’s roots in Jesus Christ.

Anybody seeking self-fulfillment or true freedom without surrender to Jesus Christ is pure heresy.

Our “self-fulfillment “ is our identity in Jesus Christ, for His namesake, not ours. Not so that we can “eat, drink and be merry” all the days of life. That isn’t freedom at all.

No sir.

Our freedom IS in the TRUTH, (not the worldly lies,- see John 8:44), of Jesus and what He taught, that we are to deny ourselves. “He who saves his own life will lose it”, and to love God and love and serve others.

Not enable, or ignore their sin. Not to become blind like the blind.

We are to rebuke or admonish our brothers and sisters in Christ who are following after every doctrine in the wind.

We tell those, who follow false religions, or false gods, or have a distorted or corrupt belief in Jesus Christ or are living for their self, or in their sin, we are to tell them the TRUTH.

We are to proclaim the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those who are perishing so that they may Live!

If they reject, deject, hate you, or ignore your warning, “Repent and believe in Jesus Christ “, then, their blood is on their own head.

When they are cast into outer darkness, with wailing & gnashing of teeth….it is their fault, No One else’s.

“believe in me, or you will die in your sin”.

Two ways folks, two ways.

And only one way to the Kingdom of God.

Jesus Christ – the Way, the Truth, the Life

Settle the matter right now.

Luke 9:23, John 14:6, Matthew 28:20

Mark 1:15, Matthew 18:15, Galatians 6:1,

Matthew 10:14-15, Matthew 25:30,

Ezekiel 3:18-19

Introducing Colossians

Hayford’s Bible Handbook (copyright 1995)

Personal Application:

Because this is an age of religious pluralism and syncretism (that is, a diluting of the truth for the sake of unity), Christ’s lordship is deemed irrelevant by many religious groups that believe one religion is as good as the other.

His preeminence is denied by others that place the Christian stamp upon a fusion of beliefs from several religions.

Usually hailed as an advance beyond apostolic Christianity, this blend promises self-fulfillment and freedom without surrender to Christ.

“Jesus is Lord” is the church’s earliest confession.

It remains the abiding test of authentic Christianity.

Neither the church nor the individual can afford to compromise Christ’s deity.

In His sovereignty lies His sufficiency

He will be Lord of everything or not Lord at all.

This was published in 1995.

Live by Surrendering it All, yes, All.

Isaiah 25:4
Strength, contentness, calm, peace, protection, rest, and all we need in times of affliction, suffering, addiction, pride, anger, whatever the sinful behaviours that one would become entangled with or…

even a season of suffering thru no fault of our own, ie; laid off, car accident with injury and so forth.

No matter what the trial, tribulation, whatever “storm” we are passing through.
We must remember not where, but WHO, we turn to.
Jesus Christ is the only one whom we can trust, completely!

with any burden we might be facing at any given time.
Relying on his strength, praying always for His peace, protection, comfort, rest….total assurance that Jesus Christ promises us when He taught the Beatitudes at the Mount.
So when you see this same promise being made throughout our Living Word (our Bible),
given from above,
by the Father of all, now, before, and ever, eternal….
By realizing that God has loved us like we cannot even really understand, in the corrupt state, the brokenness that we reside in and struggle against daily,
….then we can really start to have a Truthful relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ, then we can, in all Truth and Purity, surrender our self, our everything to Him, and really Trust the WAY, He leads, not where we try to take Him.
That will never do.
But once we put our focus on the face of Jesus Christ,
once we have our eyes on the Blood on the Cross,
until we can see Jesus Christ at the Fathers throne, after being raised from the grave.
Well, then surrender becomes easier and leads to a Truthful Way of Life that is pleasing to our King of Kings, and the King that wants to live with his people.
Thank oh Lord Almighty for your mercy!

For You have been a strength to the poor,
A strength to the needy in his distress,
A refuge from the storm,
A shade from the heat;

For the blast of the terrible ones is as a storm against the wall.

Isaiah 25:4

I wrote this letter because I love you friend

Dear friend,

Hi. How is it going? I hope all is well.

I wanted to write and tell you something of utmost importance. I love you, that is why I’m writing you.

Friend, I started believing in Jesus Christ as a young child. And although I screwed up a lot and even left my post for many years, I thought you’d like to know that I never stopped thinking of or loving Jesus Christ. You see, a fella becomes run down in this awful rat race that we all seem to participate in one way or another. And I chased many dreams but ultimately I have discovered that this great worldly pipe dream of making it big, or having all that I wanted was just too disappointing, for me, anyway.

Always trying to be fitted into the current fabs and tabs just didn’t suit me very well. And usually my head was just full of air and my family didn’t like that very much. But even before that, well, people in general didn’t like it either.

So, through a train wreck of a life, the ONLY thing that stayed with me was this recurring little voice in my head, or inner being, that was constantly questioning the way I lived. Before and after having a family.

Now, I always tried to tell that little fella that I wasn’t understanding the question, while never asking for a different wording, oh no, no, no.

That just wouldn’t do.

Instead, I found other “worldly” activities to occupy my mind.

As I grew more and more fed up with chasing my own desires for whatever reasons I used.

Well, one day,

I realized that I was on the edge of a bottomless pit.

Yes, bottomless and very, very dark.

I had always known, yet ignored, that one day I would catch what I was mindlessly chasing, death or near to it. I also knew somewhere deep in my inner parts that I had it all wrong but didn’t change course.

I had become a member of the I believe that GOD wants “me” to be happy the whole short time I live on this perishing planet, so I’m going to live for and chase that. Whatever the cost at times.

A few years ago, I gave up drinking, and also decided to go to the ONE I knew could bring it all to rest. Drinking was killing me. It had possessed me like a “spirit”(s) demon and I didn’t know who I was. Hate and murder, envy, mean intent, and more was in my heart continually. I had grown very cold to other humans that were not my family. Even to my family at times.

Any and everybody was open season to be treated ever how I wanted.

Depending of course, on my current feelings, or how my day was going, who had died, been born, who won the game, won the Super Bowl, got a job, lost a job, sunny and beautiful or snow and cold, etc etc.

Jesus Christ healed me of my drinking disorder, and most of the time now, I have his peace. The only time I don’t have His peace and rest is when I begin to think the way the world does.

It is hard to live different than the world. Especially in today’s scene of wickedness that runs amuck continually.

I realized a long time ago that I cannot reach a state of perfection as before the fall of man, but I will in heaven.

I now know that I can have hope, peace and rest, as I pass through this perishing, corrupt planet earth.

My apologies to you dear friend for maybe perhaps misleading you into thinking that I have indeed reached this state of goodness. Or that my life is now perfect and all happy bliss or even heaven on earth, no. Nor do I have a new house, new car, job status, high education or lots of money and stuff.

No sir.

Jesus Christ has made me rich in many other ways.

I ask for your forgiveness if that is what you believed happened.

Why then did I write you this letter?

My hope here and down the road, is that we can both understand that following Jesus Christ is indeed a long and very narrow road. One that most give up, the second, that the world makes them happy again.

This is where the problem lies, for the world killed my Lord Jesus Christ. HE didn’t do anything at all to deserve His death. So why be the world’s friend? Being the world’s friend is practicing worldly things, not heavenly, not eternal, and very important too, not holy and righteous.

So the very least I can do, in all my imperfection, is to try…. not just try,…but do all that I can to tell HIS story. I can do that even now, in my current flawed position of a sinner, I can tell people how HE healed me. How he brought me back to the green pastures that I find rest in. He still LOVES me although HE isn’t finished with me.

It gives me great joy, that by staying the course, I will inherit my Father’s Kingdom with my Lord Jesus Christ who is preparing my place for me, Right Now! As promised.

Oh how I hope you understand that I never meant to come across as a phony. Or as a deciever that wears a mask with this one and different mask with that one.

You see friend, now I am more transparent, and most folks that know me, know everything I struggle with, and the struggles are hard sometimes but I’m getting through. I now thank Jesus Christ for getting me through. Not any man, including myself.

I do my best for my Lord Jesus Christ now. And if it sometimes means my answer just being a Yes or a No, then that is fine. For my Lord Jesus Christ knows what I desire. And that is simple, to Live for His Namesake.

I love you very much friend, I hope you call out to GOD in a way that brings you the rest and peace that I’ve longed for and searched everywhere for even though I knew.

Love of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Imperfect me,….Gary Ramsey

Maturing with our Lord Jesus Christ 

So we do not lose heart. 

Though our outer self is wasting away, 

our inner self is being renewed 

day by day.
2 Corinthians 4:16
We do not become perfection of divine glory immediately after we choose to truly follow and pursue Our Lord Jesus Christ. 

If a man declared that, oh what a lie of self deception he would be resting in.
So, understand that when you choose to commit your life to our Lord Jesus Christ, 

Things may get worse for a new believer, satan and his followers probably have a mandatory attack protocol just for New Believers. (Think parable of the sower)
Remember that the world loves its sin, the world loves darkness rather than light. The world will hate you and maybe persecute you because they do not understand the holy and righteous ways of our Lord Jesus Christ. 
Our Lord Jesus Christ promises trial and tribulation in John 16:33.

In that same verse however, HE gives you three other Powerful promises, 

– HE gives us Peace IN Him

– HE wants us to be of Good Cheer despite our circumstance 

– HE has overcome this world of darkness 

Glory Hallelujah for these promises that He alone can be Trusted to deliver to us, every day, hour or minute if necessary.
Start examining your most inner parts and ask yourself,

“Am I doing everything I can to stay on the narrow path with my Lord Jesus Christ ?”
Here are some things you can do to deflect and rebuke satans attacks:
– Pray, often and about everything. Commit some time to praying silent, waiting, listening
-Stick to your commitment, and stay Right Behind HIM, every where and in every thing.
– Study HOW our Lord Jesus Christ lived, talked, and responds to life here on earth. NOTICE –

-> HE did what HE teaches 

-> Our Lord Jesus Christ IS our eNSample !! 

– Don’t try and just imitate HIM, but rather try BECOMING more like Him every day!
– Pray, pray, pray
It will be very hard to Become LIKE Jesus Christ IF you don’t get to KNOW HIM. 

Prodigal Son parable – notes

The Prodigal Son parable

Luke 15:11-32

A son, child of GOD-(Father) has a natural desire to be independent of our heavenly Father.

This is a desire from a deceitful heart that convinces us that we can be independent of our Father and leads us into “leaning on our own understanding” – apart from the Father – to seek and attempt to fulfill our own selfish, self serving desires, to seek them in a broken world. It can only be temporary, as the world’s possessions,  the world itself, is perishing and never fulfill us the way our Father can, does.

We sometimes ignore our discontent. Again our deceitful hearts lead us into false belief that things will, get better or just work out.

Once we realize our brokenness and forever hungering for the goodness of our Father, we must act immediately – confess, repent and return. Otherwise we just continue deeper into depravity and self serving pitfalls.

By turning back to GOD, we can be welcomed back (as if we were ever dis-associated from the love of our Father, certainly not!)

and clothed with righteousness (robe)

and sealed – marked by GOD (ring)

and shoed with grace, mercy and Love of GOD.

Many go into the world, living and partaking in worldly fleshly self serving habitual sin, and are soon convinced that we cannot return to the fold.

Quite the opposite.

It is never GOD that leads us astray. It is never GOD that lets go of our hand.

It is always us.

Once we overcome the enemies attack of guilt, shame and attacks that we are no longer worthy.

Then we can truly return, confess, repent, and come into alignment,  be reconciled to our Father through Jesus Christ.

And, Oh how the angels and GOD delight and rejoice when we do so.

Our feast again becomes continual in our Father and all His goodness.

Where we are lost, and get further lost in our worldly passions, desires, we find that not only are we dying and decaying. We are in fact dead, lifeless, without hope, in complete despair.

When we return, or come to Christ, we are “born again” and set free from the deathly state that we are currently in.

This is a cause for celebration, a feast, truly a joyous occasion and pleasing to our Father in heaven.

This does not mean that we instantly become perfect or that everything just gets better. We become sons of a Living GOD. Again, as babies, we learn to become Christ like by daily renewing our minds into being captive to Jesus Christ’s likeness by transforming into Christ living, daily, second by second, minute by minute.

As we become more mature, not of ourselves, but by – leaning on Jesus Christ’s strength, and by studying GOD’S WORD, we will begin to see, feel, changes in our life, our attitude, our perception, our convictions through and in Christ through the Holy Spirit being poured out upon us each day.

So in conclusion.

Rise from the miry pit.

Grab hold of Jesus Christ, never let go.

Make a true commitment to follow Christ no matter what.

Trust GOD completely.

He has plans for a good future, with an expected end. …with our King, Jesus Christ, forever and everlasting eternity.

Praise GOD for His wondrous works.

Thank you LORD Jesus Christ.

#LostButFound #DeadNowAlive #BornAgain

Do Not Have Confidence In Yourself. 

This sounds like terrible advice but I wanted to share the story of a young man.

This young man has a confidence problem. In himself. I will call him Fred. Every time Fred asks for the LORD to direct his paths, to hold him up aright. Well, the Good LORD provides. Fred seems to be able to recognize when the LORD is indeed answering his prayers, and when his prayers are for his own desires, whether known right away and dismissed or later when the LORD will reveal to him that his “self” desire may or may not be good for him. Sometimes, after the LORD opens a window, Fred walks over and closes it, whether subconsciously or deliberately is unknown presently, but as soon as he does this….
well the most incredible thing happens. The house immediately begins to heat up. Man does it get hot.
Fred all of the sudden has hit some sort of panic button, after the Good LORD blesses him. He seems to be trying to burn the house completely down.
All this nonsense and seemingly striving with the Holy Spirit…. first of all might be the same, I expect, as almost grieving the Holy Spirit which we are not to do. Second, and more important, it is a siege by the enemy himself against a wavering (although not unsureness or Faith in GOD ALMIGHTY,  but in “him”self”) of faith, again not in GOD, but in “him”self.

For example,  being concerned that some may judge him, or being concerned maybe that some may be offended even when not intended or if meant to offend, then perhaps he isn’t kind enough, intentional or not. Or perhaps he worries a tad about folks are seeing “him” instead of Jesus through and in him. I believe the world calls this a “self” esteem issue. Not sure but it does indeed factor in a bit of arrogance that causes a fella like Fred to be concerned with what others think of him.

When in fact he should (in fact he is) only truly concerned with one thing, that the words out of his mouth are directly from Scripture or truly aligned with the Truth of GOD’S infallible WORD. Fred truly believes that the LORD will give him all the words to say.
Fred expresses this desire when alone with GOD, or maybe close friends but seems to have a touch of stage fright when trying to take the message to the street or wherever.  This indicates a weakness that he will only overcome by dismissing any thought of self, and staying, 100%!, truly committed to Our FATHER’S business.

This would be where the problem comes in for a Believer and Follower of Jesus Christ, as Fred claims to be.
You see, some folks, like Fred, seem to have things mixed up.

We all arel taught to be self-confident. “Self” confidence or anything that a Believer does should never be for “self”. Think, self righteous, self ambition, self motivated, self exchanging for gain, etc etc. “Oh, Johnny you can be whatever you want”, ” Oh Susie, you are going to be a superstar” and on and on we go teaching our youth “confidence in self/man”

instead of starting with ….
…teaching Confidence IN AND THROUGH JESUS CHRIST, alone.

This is a hard teaching but Jesus clearly teaches that we are to lay everything down, including our very lives,
our dead “self “, for Him. Think back to the young rich man that departed weeping. Think of when Jesus sent out the disciples with instructions to take only a staff. How about, “I will make you fishers of men.” ?
When we make less of ourselves, and make more of Jesus Christ and His teaching which is from GOD Himself, we start to taste the goodness of the LORD.
Instead of listening to the lies of doubt, or “you’re not clean enough”, ” you aren’t worthy”, “people are going to judge you “….

GOD forbid anyone believe these lies. 

They come from only one source, directly from the accuser, the greatest liar and owner of all lies and deception, satan.
By believing this siege against the flesh and Spirit, we slowly allow worldly thinking to smother our Faith, not in ourself, but in our Heavenly Father.
Instead we should rejoice in the goodness of our Redeemer. The very same GOD that has spoke through His children since days of old. He provides the very WORDS we need to proclaim His mercy, grace and enduring love for His children.

You cannot put Jesus Christ into yourself.
You must put yourself INTO Jesus Christ. Remember, “crucified and resurrection in Jesus”.  Born again.
Behold and rejoice the new has come, the old man has passed. Having confidence in Jesus Christ is the ultimate Confidence. The only way to do this is to “abide” in Jesus, who abides in the Father, and they are one. Believers must abide in Christ first.

My dear brothers and sisters, and Fred too.

Hear me clearly,

GOD knows our heart, God knows we are selfish and  rebellious little children. GOD knows we are not perfect.

GOD loves us and has great long lasting patience with us.

GOD desires us to proclaim HIS wondrous works and His power to all inhabitants of the earth.

Nowhere in Scripture are we told that we instantly become “perfect” immediately upon believing in and obeying Jesus Christ.

We start with baby steps and if the HOLY SPIRIT is urging you to speak TRUTH for His namesake, then we need to listen and do it.

Don’t become your own stumbling block like Fred. Don’t think of yourself at all.

Only think about pleasing GOD.

Transform your mind to that of Christ Jesus and keep your eyes on Him.

How do we do this.

Start with praying, studying the bible, praying, asking for wisdom, understanding and knowledge of HIM who gives generously to those who love Him.

Yes we will stumble, but remember these words from our Saviour,

“lo, I am always with you. “

“I can do all things in Christ, who strengthens me”

Our confidence must come from and remain in Jesus Christ alone.

This whole self confident and you can do all things through yourself is a lie.

We are the created and not the Creator.

For GOD’S glory, not our own.

Benny Garrison devotions. 

I haven’t read all these. Note
Revival and harvest are two separate things, and we must see the distinction between them. The differences are very important. Revival is in the church, but harvest is in the world. Before we see the reaping of the great end-,times harvest, we must see real, true revival in the church. The people of the world cannot be taught the things of God until they are born again. It is useless endeavor to try to teach them because these concepts and ways are totally alien to them.(1 Corinthians 2:14). All they can see or understand is the face of Jesus revealed in a Christian man or woman, boy or girl. This will happen when we, the church become “Living letters” from Jesus to the world Rev. 19:10. Harvest flows from Christians who reflect the nature, love, light, and power of Jesus Christ. Revival, on the other hand, bring Christians to the place of bearing this testimony. I pray that God may take you and me deeper and deeper into the revelation of Revival, into the full reality of revival Itself. So contuine to let your light shine and God will do the rest His Will His way is the only way.
Why?  When we don’t understand Why–God does!  Isaiah 55:8-9, Lamentations 3:22-23.  The Word of God is a Shield to all His children.  If Jesus Christ is your Savior all of the Word is His promises to you.  His compassions never fail, R U willing to see Gods way or your way? -1 Peter 5:6-10.  Gods in control…If you are walking in the Spirit of God–There is a reason for everything. -1 John 1:5-10.  So, Continue to let your Light Shine and God will do the rest!

The Word of God says:  Luke 11:9  “Seek and You Will Find”-If you ask for things from life instead of God, “You ask amiss”, that is you ask out of your desire for self fulfilment.  The more you fulfill yourself, the less you will seek God.  Get To Work–Narrow your focus and interest on this one thing.  Remember that you can never give another person what you have found, but you can cause him to have a desire for it–yayaya So, Continue to let your Light Shine and God will do the rest!

The Never Forsaking God–Hebrews 13:5-6…What line of thinking do my thoughts take?  Do I turn to what GOD says or to my own fears?  Am I simply repeating what Gos says, or am I learning to truly hear Him and then to respond after I have heard what He says?  “For He Himself has said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.”  So, we may boldly say:  “The Lord is my helper:  I will not fear, What can man do to me?”  -yayaya  So, Continue to Let your Light Shine and God will do the rest!

2 Corinthians 3:6-9.. We need to get to the place where we are beyond trusting in Ourselves. Beloved ones, there is so much failure in self-assurance. We must never rest upon anything in the human. Our trust is in God, and God brings us into victory. He has promised to be with us at all times (Heb.13:5), to make the path straight (Isaiah 42:16), and to make all the mountains into roads.(Isaiah 49:11). Our confidence can be fixed only on the One who never fails, the One who knows the end from the beginning. The day and night are alike to the man who rest completely in the Will of God (138:12), Knowing that “all things work together for the good to those who love God (Romans 8:28). So Who do you trust, your creater or self? So contuine to let your light shine and God will do the rest.

Luke:12:22-30.. Jesus said, “Consider the Lily.” It obeys the law of its life in the circumstances where it is placed. As a Christian, consider your hidden life with God. Pay attention to the source of your life—-God! Realize that He will care for your provision. The most hard-working creature of the world is a bird, yet it does not toil to stick feathers to itself. It obeys the law of its life and becomes what it is. The same is true for Christians. You cannot enjoy life by heeding outside pressures to change. So contuine to let your light shine and God will do the rest His Will His way is the only way.

Tell, It, Like, It, Is, Tellit, LikeIt, LikeItIs, Jesus, Christ Change, Run For It, Run, For, It, Ramsey, Gary, Lee, seek, find, believe Christ